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Weighing the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy

For many debt-ridden Wisconsin residents, bankruptcy is the only option. Others may be able to choose an alternative to bankruptcy but they don't know if they should. We understand that it can be difficult to make sound decisions in the midst of a financial crisis. This is why we like to talk about debt and solutions in our blog.

Many people with cancer have to worry about bankruptcy, too

When you first get diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness, you worry mostly about your health and future. Will you see your children (or grandchildren) graduate school? Will the treatments cause pain and discomfort? Will you be part of the percentage of people who "beat" this condition?

Filing a bankruptcy in the middle of an emergency

Most of the time, people facing financial disaster should avoid rushing the process of filing for bankruptcy. After all, a bankruptcy that works in your best interests benefits from careful planning and preparation. Unfortunately, life does not always give those facing financial problems time to prepare.

What does the bankruptcy means test entail?

The bankruptcy means test is a process debtors undergo to find out if a chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right path. The test identifies whether or not a debtor is eligible for chapter 7. Unless you are a disabled veteran, you will have to go through the means test process before you can file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Veterans who are more than 30 percent disabled may bypass the means test.

6 reasons that bankruptcy strikes

You've never had financial problems. In the 10 years since you graduated from college, you've been smart with money. You've gotten pay raises at work without massively raising your standard of living. You think you're immune to bankruptcy.