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6 reasons that bankruptcy strikes

You've never had financial problems. In the 10 years since you graduated from college, you've been smart with money. You've gotten pay raises at work without massively raising your standard of living. You think you're immune to bankruptcy.

6 common bankruptcy and student loan myths you shouldn't believe

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy isn't an easy one. You must think about what options you have for handling your debts. Before you decide if bankruptcy is the right thing for you to do, especially if one factor in your case is student loans, make sure you aren't falling for these myths.

Why might bankruptcy be denied?

When you apply for bankruptcy, it's important to understand that it can be rejected. This shouldn't worry you or make you reconsider. It's just crucial to know that it's possible so that you take the time to do everything in your power to make sure yours is accepted.