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Tackling your debts 1 payment at a time

Debts can be emotionally draining and often lead to a vicious cycle of borrowing and unaffordable interest rates. You may have got to a point where you feel as though taking out one more credit card will only be a drop in the ocean when it comes to the debt that you have already accumulated.

Financial columnist urges caution about debt settlement

It is not a surprise to learn that debt relief is on the minds of many Wisconsin residents. Overwhelming debt remains a nationwide problem and most people would grasp at anything that seems like a solution. Debt settlement companies offer plans and programs that seem foolproof, but one financial columnist with NerdWallet cautions people to think twice before succumbing to the allure of debt settlement without careful consideration.

A lawyer's role when searching for debt relief

If you are struggling with overwhelming debt, we want to assure you that you are not alone. Many of our neighbors in Appleton and other areas of Wisconsin are in the same boat. One thing you and these people probably share is a desire to find debt relief and start a new chapter in your life.

Young professionals and medical debt: Negotiate a better deal

As a young professional, you have a lot on your plate in regards to your finances. Not only are you in the process of getting your career off the ground, but you may be faced with mounting debt. For example, student loans have a way of biting into your monthly income. The same holds true for other expenses, such as rent and car payments.

Reasons people get trapped in debt

Even people with good jobs get trapped in debt. One study found that about 33 percent of households with an income of at least $75,000 per year -- and often more -- still lived from one paycheck to the next. Other studies have found that most Americans -- 73 percent -- don't even have $1,000 saved up, and the average credit card debt stands at a comparatively staggering $16,000.

What are some indicators that you need debt relief?

We all face debt from time to time, and many types of debt -- like taking out a mortgage or buying the groceries on a credit card -- are an accepted part of everyday life. However, what are some signs that things have gone too far and you need to look into your debt relief options?

Have you been sued on an old debt?

You may have accumulated some old credit card debts at one time and the credit card company may have attempted to collect. Maybe you were just out of school, trying to find work or were between jobs and you had little or no income. The company may have eventually given up its efforts and stopped contacting you about the debt.