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Chapter 7 bankruptcy | Exploring the pros and cons

If you are reading this, you probably already know that debt can consume your life even as you struggle to pay down all of your bills. It is like taking a step forward only to be knocked back a few steps. If an emergency arises such as a serious illness or the sudden loss of income, any balance you may have reached will soon disappear, leaving you in even worse financial trouble.

How an attorney can assist with a chapter 7 bankruptcy

Here is a scenario we have seen with our clients. You have been struggling with your debt for a long time. After trying desperately to sort out the situation and get back on track, you finally realize chapter 7 bankruptcy is your solution. You assume that because you are so far in debt, working with a lawyer is out of your reach. However, you have trouble with your bankruptcy and don't know where to turn for help, leaving you even more in debt and at loose ends altogether.

Is it bad to spend money and then file for bankruptcy?

Everyone who is considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy is in a tough spot financially, and they don't have a lot of cash on hand. They still need to spend, but they don't want the courts to then accuse them of bankruptcy fraud, saying they were using credit cards just so they could then eliminate the debt without paying it back. What should you do?

The role of a case trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

When debt becomes so overwhelming that Wisconsin residents consider filing for bankruptcy, they usually want to know whether the process is right for them. One detail that debtors should understand is the role of a case trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Chapter 7 discharge can help Wisconsin residents eliminate debt

Residents of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, like to be self-sufficient and work hard to secure a strong financial future for their family. However, certain unforeseen circumstances and financial challenges can land a person in overwhelming debt and he or she may find it difficult to eliminate it.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy explained for Wisconsin residents

Even the closest of friends may find it difficult to discuss indebtedness and financial health, no matter how close a friendship is. The social stigma associated with financial insecurity makes it difficult for those struggling with debt to seek personal advice, which usually precedes approaching professionals for guidance in tackling debt. As residents of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, may know, taking a big step toward debt-free living, such as filing for bankruptcy, requires credit counseling prior to filing a bankruptcy petition.