Emergency Bankruptcy Petition Filing

Not every bankruptcy firm possesses the experience and knowledge necessary to handle emergency filings for clients in the Green Bay area attempting to save a home or car.

Helbing Law Office, LLC, however, does.

We can offer this service because our firm's founding attorney, Timothy J. Helbing, has more than a decade of legal experience. In this time, he has gained the ability to analyze bankruptcy cases quickly and file them correctly under significant time pressures.

Filing An Emergency Bankruptcy Petition? Appleton Attorney Serving Entire Calumet County Area.

Attorney Helbing's familiarity with the complexities of the Bankruptcy Code and how it is interpreted by the judges and trustees in our locality means he can spend more time focusing on your needs as the client. To that end, he has structured our firm in order to maximize his accessibility to his clients.

This accessibility enables him to work closely with you to file the paperwork needed when filing an emergency bankruptcy petition. His ability to move quickly becomes particularly important when our clients seek to stop a foreclosure or a repossession.

Because he has more than a decade of experience, attorney Helbing can help you understand which kind of bankruptcy is best for you even during the rush of an emergency bankruptcy filing. Experience provides him with the seasoned legal judgment our clients rely on with confidence.

Appleton, Wisconsin, Area Emergency Bankruptcy Filing Lawyer

Schedule your free initial consultation with our firm's lawyer, Timothy J. Helbing, by calling 920-659-5606. You can also reach us by way of our online contact form. Initial consultations remain completely confidential.

We are debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.