Wisconsin Bankruptcy Can Stop Creditor Harassment

Despite what they may have led you to believe, creditors cannot simply do and say whatever they want to you when you owe a debt. Creditors threatening you and your loved ones with collections action amounts to illegal creditor harassment.

We can put a stop to creditor harassment.

Let Helbing Law Help You: Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Helbing Law Office, LLC, has protected clients' rights for more than 10 years throughout the Calumet County and Green Bay areas, among others. In doing so, we have helped innumerable clients in any number of situations benefit from the many protections against creditors afforded to them under the Bankruptcy Code.

These protections include the Automatic Stay. The Automatic Stay goes into effect immediately upon the filing of your bankruptcy petition, whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Should a creditor violate the Automatic Stay, the Bankruptcy Code provides you with rights against that creditor. Furthermore, after the bankruptcy is finalized by the court's order of discharge, the creditors still cannot collect against you. The Bankruptcy Code also provides clients with actionable rights against creditors who disregard the federal discharge.

Fight Back Against Creditor Harassment: Oshkosh Area Lawyer Serving Entire Surrounding Area, Including All Of Calumet County

To learn more about how we can protect you and your loved ones against creditor harassment, call Appleton, Wisconsin-based Helbing Law Office, LLC, at 920-659-5606 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also reach us by way of our online contact form. Initial consultations remain completely confidential.

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