Personal property in bankruptcy

Up to $12,000 in total value of any household goods, furnishings and personal property may be exempted by a debtor filing for bankruptcy in Wisconsin. Watch the video to find out more.

Benefits of filing

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex legal process that may not be right for everyone, but for some, there are some huge benefits to filing. Find out more in this video.

128 Debt Relief Wisconsin

Looking to consolidate or pay off your debt? Filing a Chapter 128 is a great alternative to bankruptcy and may be the right option for you. Watch the video to find out more.

Bankruptcy Myths

Everything you have heard about filing for bankruptcy may not be true. Watch the video to learn more about the most common bankruptcy myths.

Will I Lose My Home?

You may be wondering if you will lose your home if you file for bankruptcy protection. Watch the video to find out more about an automatic stay and how you can keep your home.