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December 2012 Archives

Candidate files for bankruptcy, says it lends 'perspective'

Filing for bankruptcy to try and protect your business and erase your debts is a big decision, and it can impact clients and employees. The legal obligations that come with bankruptcy differ as well, so it's important to discuss all the types and options available before taking steps toward a fresh financial start. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may benefit a company if there is still income coming in, so it is one option to consider.

Wisconsin student debt harming local economy, study finds

Overwhelming student loan debt creates financial challenges for many Wisconsin students. For some, the repayment terms prevent them from making other large purchases, like buying a house or purchasing a new car. For others, the financial challenges caused by student loans mean they have to seek debt relief. A recent study of Wisconsin college graduates showed just how difficult these struggles could be.

Couple files Chapter 13 bankruptcy to manage debts

When debts spiral out of control, individuals and couples still have options to consolidate their debts into manageable payments and regain control of their finances. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes debts into payments that are determined by income level. This type of reorganization is, therefore, a way to stop creditor harassment and gain a fresh financial start without losing valuable assets.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by biomass producer

Many hardworking Americans are struggling with debt in the current recession, and while there are strong indicators that the economy is getting healthier, paying the bills remains a struggle for many. That's why a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be the best choice for Wisconsin residents who need to discharge unsecured debt or reorganize their financial circumstances.