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February 2013 Archives

Debt-management company allegedly misrepresented elderly client

No one wants to be trapped in an endless cycle of juggling overdue credit accounts and dodging calls from creditors. The desire to restore financial stability can make people susceptible to solicitation from fraudulent debt relief companies promising miracles. Instead of rushing into a potentially harmful situation, families in Appleton, Wisconsin, should take time to carefully review their options when resolving credit card debt disputes.

Major Wisconsin city may suffer from damaging foreclosure cycle

For Wisconsin homeowners, any sudden financial challenges may upset the sensitive balance of debt and income, pushing their properties closer to foreclosure. Despite the availability of debt relief options, fear of losing financial control may prevent individuals from filing for bankruptcy or pursuing other recovery programs. Milwaukee has started to see the possible side effects of widespread debts and foreclosures; these may potentially trigger declines throughout entire neighborhoods and pave the way for increased rates of crime.

Merchant owes bank $2 million

Financial challenges such as poor investments may result in a bankruptcy, such as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. These methods of debt relief may require debtors to surrender their personal assets, although a range of bankruptcy exemptions are available. Wisconsin readers may be interested to read about the following story concerning a former foreclosure merchant with a sizable judgment against him.

Casey Anthony files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Debts can come in many forms, including the legal debt that is incurred by a defendant facing a major criminal charge. It is sometimes the case that a defendant is exonerated by the criminal courts, only to still owe thousands in court costs and attorney fees. This can cause unbearable financial strain on the defendant and can sometimes lead to the person seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.