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May 2013 Archives

Wisconsin Senator urges action on student loan debt

Student loan interest rates are expected to take a big hike this summer, but not if Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin can help it. The Senator is urging her constituents to send in their personal stories about their student loan debts that she will pass on to Congress in hopes of halting the increase. Wisconsin residents overwhelmed with student loan payments should keep the various forms of debt relief in mind.

Struggling Appleton businesses can file business bankruptcy

Many Appleton residents dream of starting a business. It is definitely a reachable dream. However, when the American economy takes a downturn, some business owners can find their businesses challenged with overwhelming debt they cannot pay. A business bankruptcy also known as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a form of debt relief that is available for struggling businesses.

Minnesota consumers can stop creditor harassment

Most people feel bad when they cannot pay their bills. The situation is already stressful. Adding to that stress, are the harassing phone calls from debt collectors that seem to have no mercy. However, there are many ways to stop creditor harassment. One man is fighting back through a legal action, but Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also an option for many.

Should Wisconsin residents pay credit card debts from a 401K?

Wisconsin residents overwhelmed by credit card debt often experience harassing phone calls, stress and financial challenges. Most debtors in similar situations want nothing more than to make the stress stop by paying off their high interest credit card debt, but is withdrawing money from a 401K to pay that debt a good idea? Wisconsin residents would be interested to learn that answer is no.