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June 2013 Archives

Wisconsin consumers caught up in illegal debt settlement scheme

When a company proposes to help consumers get out of debt, it is believed that company has a heart for helping the people. However, one particular company had a heart for helping itself and has allegedly taken advantage of many Wisconsin residents struggling with overwhelming debt. There is little doubt that some Appleton consumers were also victims.

Appleton residents can eliminate debt through sacrifice

Living the American dream has left many Appleton residents in debt. With the turn of the economy, many people are now realizing that debt is not good as they struggle to pay their debts. In a society that models instant gratification, many people are now learning the art of sacrifice in order to eliminate debt or at least reduce it.

Appleton residents can reduce technology and reduce debt

It can be said that this is the era of technology, and there are many benefits of living in this era. However, there are many costs associated with that benefit. Appleton residents can reduce debt by cutting down on their technology services and other expenses, but, if all else fails, bankruptcy is an option to eliminate debt.

Many with credit card debt resorting to life without credit cards

Many Wisconsin residents have felt the pain of credit card debt: tens of thousands of dollars racked up on multiple credit cards. Sometimes this happens due to unexpected expenses. Other times it happens due to a period of unemployment. Whatever the case, many former credit card users are fighting back by living without credit cards altogether.