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July 2013 Archives

Are student loan debt relief firms in Appleton a rip off?

With student loans rising and interest rates going through the roof, many debtors are looking for help but not all help is created equal as some can be more of a detriment than a benefit. Appleton residents should carefully scrutinize all student loan debt relief firms to ensure they are offering legitimate services that are worth the money.

Wisconsin IRA's not held as retirement funds are non-exempt

Filing for bankruptcy is a last resort for most people. Questions often loom as to whether debtors will be able to keep certain assets or if the bankruptcy courts will seize those assets to repay their debts. Fortunately for Wisconsin residents, there are federal exemptions and Wisconsin exemptions available that will allow debtors to keep some of their assets, including retirement funds.

Appleton consumers returning to credit card debt

The economic turn that many Americans experienced is a time for celebration as Americans begin to see the light at the end of the recession. The lessons learned about reducing debt during that time were life-saving and many Americans, including Appleton residents, should be mindful not to go back to the old ways of accumulating credit card debt.

Disappointed foreclosed debtors facing financial challenges

Wisconsin debtors burned by illegal foreclosure proceedings may have been momentarily overjoyed that a $3.6 billion dollar settlement had been reached with several mortgage companies. However, that joy soon turned to disappointment when the sad reality sank in that after paying out to 4.2 million borrowers, the recovery was very minimal for most and offered little in terms of debt relief.