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August 2013 Archives

When to press the "bankruptcy button" for debt relief

Wisconsin residents are well aware of the financial issues occurring in their neighboring state. Detroit's bankruptcy filing are not only a topic of conversation but could also be a reality for some residents and business owners. Bankruptcy might be most beneficial for people on the verge of pressing the panic button because of financial challenges. This could be a viable option in terms of debt relief.

Debt relief options for Wisconsin business owners

Owning a business can be very risky, especially at a juncture where the economy is still recovering. A business can easily succumb to several factors, leaving an owner struggling to pay off debts. However, if everything goes south, it is important for Wisconsin business owners to understand their options when it comes to debt relief.

Bankruptcy exemption lessons from an immigrant's experience

Bankruptcy can be an eye-opening experience for an Appleton and Outagamie, Wisconsin, resident. It can be more of a shock to someone unfamiliar with the law. After all, bankruptcy laws in the United States are different than in many other countries. This was the experience of an immigrant from Taiwan who lost the family home unnecessarily, unaware that there is a homestead exemption when filing for bankruptcy in most of the states in the U.S.

What Wisconsin residents can learn from a city's bankruptcy

More often than not, Appleton and Outagamie, Wisconsin, residents think of a bankruptcy filing as the "kiss of death." The last moment before the end occurs. This could be what people are thinking since Detroit finally filed for bankruptcy. However, residents in debt can learn a valuable lesson from the struggling city. They will also, hopefully, acquire a fresh financial start as they learn more about the advantages of bankruptcy.

Tips first-time Wisconsin credit card holders should remember

For Appleton and Outagamie, Wisconsin, residents, receiving their first credit card can be very exciting. However, plastic money with all its perks and privileges also has its drawbacks. Taking credit cards for granted can cause mountainous bills that not only affect a person's financial standing but everyday life as well. For this reason, first-time credit card holders should keep the following tips in mind.