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September 2013 Archives

Candidate highlights value of bankruptcy exemptions

For many people considering bankruptcy here in Appleton, one of the biggest misconceptions or fears may be that a debtor will have to give up everything to pay off what debt is possible. However, this is not true - bankruptcy exemptions play a huge role in protecting those seeking bankruptcy as a solution, and can help reduce the impact of filing.

What Wisconsin residents can learn from Kodak's bankruptcy

Kodak was once the mighty photography company who encouraged consumers to "capture moments," but it lost its way in the crowd of technological advancements. The firm had filed for bankruptcy to eliminate debt and to restructure. Now, the phoenix-like company is rising again, this time with a new and better perspective.

Struggling Wisconsin company seeks debt relief

In most places, including Appleton, Wisconsin, residents respect successful people. People root for their "local boys" and "local girls" as they reach for their dreams and make their town proud. This can be said about two Wisconsin residents who were highly regarded by the other residents.

Errors that lead to credit card debt

Appleton and Outagamie County, Wisconsin, residents are among the 1.5 billion credit card users across the United States. The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act provides some protection to credit card users, the consumer still needs to use credit responsibly. Failure to do so could lead to unmanageable credit card debts. For this reason, consumers should be aware of some common mistakes when it comes to credit card usage.