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October 2013 Archives

Saving Wisconsin residents from store credit card debts

While some Appleton, Wisconsin, residents are taking advantage of occasional sales at malls and different department stores, other people are saving up and waiting for Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving, often known as Black Friday in the retail world, is a day when hundreds of people line up outside of stores and enjoy great deals and discounts. However, many retail businesses will make Black Friday an opportunity to offer perks that may attract consumers to sign up for store credit cards, which potentially result in credit card debt and more personal expenses.

The potential impact of medical debt on Wisconsin patients

Basically, people will do anything for good health. The cost of health care, however, nowadays is something that many patients, including those in Wisconsin, may not be able to afford. For this reason, medical lines of credit and credit cards are sometimes introduced to patients which may help cover the cost of medical expenses. Experts, however, have noted that medical credit cards may cause a person to have financial difficulties and medical debt in the long run.

Defeating debt trap in Wisconsin through Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Residents in Wisconsin and most Americans in general always try to stick to their budget plans. However, there are instances when a person's finances cannot cover all expenses until the next payday. Many people turn to payday loans or cash advances as a temporary debt relief in such a situation, but this relief option could create further problems down the line.

How bankruptcy filing can help a divorce

"When it rains, it pours" goes the old cliché. This may no doubt seem true for Wisconsin residents not only on the verge of divorce but also struggling with debt. Fortunately, however, help for both problems may come from an unlikely source. Believe it or not, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can actually make both problems -- divorce and debt -- easier to solve.

Millions of Americans forlorn in credit card debt

In theory, at least, the recent economic crisis has ended, but if you tell that to the millions of Americans who have lost wealth and confidence in the future, you might not get much agreement.