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November 2013 Archives

Credit card debts may lurk in Wisconsin during holidays

Wisconsin residents know that holiday overspending using plastic leaves many people with substantial debt that can take years to pay off. The best way to deal with the problem is to understand the realities of credit card debt and make more informed decisions.

Important rules in bankruptcy filing and exemptions in Wisconsin

Many celebrities are considered affluent people, with their million dollar contracts and other assets. However, when it comes to personal bankruptcy, celebrities are no different than other residents in Appleton, Wisconsin. Bankruptcy law applies to all people, both wealthy and average. The same goes for the requirements for filing for bankruptcy, the debts that can be discharged and bankruptcy exemptions.

How to avoid the debt trap of deferred interest rates

As the holiday season approaches, many Wisconsin retailers will be offering their customers great deals. Exhortations to "buy now, pay later" will be seen in many stores. This kind of offer enables consumers to make big purchases that they can pay off over a span of years. People should be wary about these great offers, however, because they can create financial challenges and lead to high credit card debt.

The dangers of payday loans to Wisconsin residents

Due to health care costs, job loss and rough economic conditions, struggling with debt seems common nowadays. However, those three factors are not the only reasons why many people, including those in Appleton, Wisconsin, are facing financial challenges. Some debtors accumulate overwhelming debts due to payday loans.