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December 2013 Archives

The high risk of credit card debt to military service personnel

Military service personnel, including those in Outagamie, Wisconsin, risk their lives to serve and protect our country. During deployment, however, these military personnel are at risk of accumulating credit card debt.

Discharging medical debt with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

The Affordable Care Act was created to relieve many families, including those in Appleton, Wisconsin, from the increasing and expensive costs of health care. Unfortunately, even those people who have health insurance experience financial challenges and worries caused by medical debt.

Balance transfers are not always a good idea

Balance transfer credit cards with zero percent interest rates are very attractive, especially during the holidays. Transferring debt from a high-interest rate card to a zero percent card can help the consumer pay off the debt faster. Wisconsin residents should take note, however, that strategy can sometimes do more harm than good, leading to financial challenges, more debt and creditor harassment.

Rise from financial setbacks through Chapter 7 bankruptcy

No Wisconsin resident sets out to create a personal credit mess, but sometimes financial challenges arise from too much credit card use, unexpected medical bills or other unanticipated expenses. When a person finds themselves under a mountain of debt, they should understand that they can bounce back and enjoy a fresh start.

Do medical credit cards really relieve Wisconsin patients?

With the current health care costs and increasing medical bills, there are certain approaches to resolve debt relief for Americans, including Appleton, Wisconsin, residents, who are struggling with unpaid medical expenses. Those debts may range from personal loans, payday loans and credit cards. In addition to these debts, medical credit cards may be available to patients so that they can pay their debts. However, health care credit cards may contribute to medical debt and financial challenges.