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February 2014 Archives

Medical debt tops list of reasons for bankruptcy filings

Medical expenses such as hospital bills from an accident can suddenly and negatively affect a family's finances. People with limited income and resources can suffer and end up smothered by debt because of unforeseen expenses. Paying off debts may simply not be possible.

Former Nickelodeon actor files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Residents of Appleton, Wisconsin, buried under a pile of debt know how difficult it is to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right solution for digging out. Without foreseeing the risks of acquiring too much debt, a person may be left without any choice but to become insolvent. Although it denotes a negative connotation, filing for bankruptcy is not a bad decision for a person struggling with debt.

Consider all risks before filing for bankruptcy debt relief

For Appleton, Wisconsin, residents, the struggle to reduce debt can be embarrassing and frustrating, but various resources can help ease the challenge. However, it pays to be cautious when considering what kind of debt relief can help meet the financial challenges of a fresh start. Instead of a good start, a debtor may end up with a headache due to more financial problems.

What Wisconsin residents should know about filing for bankruptcy

Wisconsin residents who feel as if they cannot breathe because they are stuck under a pile of debt they cannot repay should take note that a remedy may be close at hand. Although many people decline to even think of filing for bankruptcy because it might damage their credit scores, the reality is that bankruptcy is a very responsible way to start rebuilding a better credit score.