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May 2014 Archives

The recession inspired new credit card habits in Americans

There is really no shortage of entertaining things to do in Appleton. But whether it’s going out to eat at one of hundreds of restaurants, seeing a show at the Performing Arts Center or attending a concert a Lawrence University, entertainment costs money. And when money is tight, our spending habits tend to change.

Got medical debt? If so, you are certainly in good company

Question: What is the number-one cause of bankruptcy in the United States? Is it buying luxury items we can’t afford such as the latest cellphones or televisions? Is it taking out private loans for expensive cars or vacation homes? Is it anything that a reasonable person would decide they don’t need?

Report examines the understandable causes of credit card debt

The American dream is a powerful idea. It tells each of us that we can achieve any level of financial security and even affluence if we are willing to work hard. Unfortunately, there are two problems with this narrative. First, it essentially asks us to judge a person’s character based on how much money he has. The rich, it would seem, are harder working than the rest of us.