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November 2014 Archives

Chapter 128 can be a good bankruptcy alternative in Wisconsin

A compelling financial situation may force a person to borrow money from banks or other financial institutions. However, this may further complicate the financial standing of that person in the event of non-payment. A person may face harassment from creditors in the form of threatening phone calls on a daily basis, or debtors knocking at the borrower's door and making the debtor's life difficult.

Are asset forfeiture laws being abused by police officers?

Residents of Outagamie, Wisconsin, may be aware that certain legal procedures, including bankruptcy petitions, can result in the seizure or liquidation of personal property. In most circumstances, the disposal of assets is usually a court-approved, and moderated process. However law enforcement officials have begun asset possession as a means of preventing crime.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy explained for Wisconsin residents

Even the closest of friends may find it difficult to discuss indebtedness and financial health, no matter how close a friendship is. The social stigma associated with financial insecurity makes it difficult for those struggling with debt to seek personal advice, which usually precedes approaching professionals for guidance in tackling debt. As residents of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, may know, taking a big step toward debt-free living, such as filing for bankruptcy, requires credit counseling prior to filing a bankruptcy petition.

How does Wisconsin personal bankruptcy affect child support?

Every American, whether residing in Outagamie, Wisconsin, or elsewhere, is likely well acquainted with the financial consequences of a marriage breaking down. If the couple chooses to file for divorce, apart from dividing up all marital property, the spouse awarded custody of children can also expect monetary support from the other partner, including payments towards raising the children and, in many cases, even alimony. As ordered by the court, it is automatically expected from the paying partner that such payments are met.

What must Wisconsin residents know about Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Day-to-day management of finances may not be everyone's cup of tea. Keeping track of expenses and cash inflow, payments, receipts and budgets can be confusing, as any Outagamie County, Wisconsin, resident may know. Dealing with high levels of debt and considering whether to file for bankruptcy can be highly daunting challenges which unfortunately need to dealt with, especially if no other options exist.