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January 2015 Archives

The role of a case trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

When debt becomes so overwhelming that Wisconsin residents consider filing for bankruptcy, they usually want to know whether the process is right for them. One detail that debtors should understand is the role of a case trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Protecting assets and preventing repossession in Wisconsin

Residents of Outagamie County love their families and want to provide the best for them. They work hard to buy a home, car and other material possessions so that they and their families can lead comfortable lives. Several of them also use credit facilities, and pay in installments.

Help for Wisconsin debtors choosing a credit counseling agency

When a Wisconsin resident is deep in debt, he or she is often desperate to seek relief. While filing for bankruptcy is a fairly common option, not many people know that a number of alternatives are available. In these debt situations, often the first step is to identify a credit counseling agency. It is important that a debtor makes the right choice when choosing a credit counseling organization because a wrong choice might prove to be a costly mistake with long-term consequences.

Many retired Americans face harassment by debt collectors

For many people across the country, including some in Wisconsin, debt is a serious matter. Accumulated debt from credit cards, medical bills, student loans and home mortgages can make it hard for people to stay afloat financially. For many people, there is at least monthly earned income from which to pay those bills and meet daily living expenses. However, what about retired Wisconsin residents who also have considerable debt? With limited income, finding debt relief is a bigger challenge. Unfortunately, debt collectors breathing down their necks do not help.

What are Chapter 13 discharge and Chapter 13 hardship discharge?

After an Appleton, Wisconsin, resident files for bankruptcy under Chapter 13, that person may obtain a discharge for the bankruptcy court before moving ahead with a clean slate. Therefore, understanding how the Chapter 13 discharge process works is very important. According to federal bankruptcy law, a Chapter 13 discharge can be either a normal discharge or may be due to hardships faced by the debtor. In both cases, a debtor is relieved of debt by the court, enabling that debtor to make a fresh financial start.