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February 2015 Archives

Repayment plans under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code

Wisconsin debtors filing a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 13 need to file a repayment plan with the petition. The repayment plan must make provisions to pay the trustee at regular intervals, usually every two weeks or monthly. The Chapter 13 trustee distributes the payments to creditors once the plan is confirmed by the court at a hearing.

Wisconsin residents have rights during vehicle repossession

Most Wisconsin residents know that if an individual defaults on his or her car loan, the bank or finance company has the right to repossess the car. However, many states, in the interest of protecting consumers, have enacted laws to limit these repossession rights.

Debt relief an option along with filing for bankruptcy

Financial challenges can sometimes be overwhelming because of accumulated debt. In such situations, many debtors are desperate to find a solution that can relieve them of debt with the least amount of harm done to their credit score. The two most common choices that people make in such situations is bankruptcy and debt relief through other means.

Be wary of using tax refunds when considering bankruptcy

As we enter the second month of the New Year, tax-filing season is starting to kick into high gear. For some here in Wisconsin, that means the possibility of receiving a nice little tax refund from last year's hard work - money that may be meant for a vacation, new spring wardrobe or even as part of a down payment on a new car. However, for those struggling with debt, this money could be earmarked to pay down a loan or to temporarily satiate creditors.