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May 2015 Archives

Refinancing student loans may be possible in Wisconsin soon

Nowadays, higher education is expensive. However, to advance in their careers, many people invest a lot of money to earn an advanced degree. Often, the educational costs are covered by student loans. Many people find that their student loans become a major burden.

How can you file for pro se bankruptcy in Wisconsin?

Everyone can file for personal bankruptcy as long as that person is experiencing financial difficulties. In many cases, the creditors are the ones who file for bankruptcy. However, Wisconsin residents often file for bankruptcy themselves. Such a situation is known as a pro se personal bankruptcy filing. Debtors who file for personal bankruptcy often consult an attorney who specializes in that type of case.

Helping Wisconsin consumers select the best debt relief option

Wisconsin residents facing too much debt often find it difficult to choose the best option in their particular situation. Filing for bankruptcy may be a last resort for many families as well as businesses. The attorneys at Helbing Law Office, LLC, have worked on many cases where the debtor chose debt negotiation with the credit agency over filing for bankruptcy.

Creditors in Wisconsin can repossess a debtor's vehicle

Creditors have the legal right to repossess a debtor's vehicle in Wisconsin in the event that the debtor defaults on repaying a debt. This is a paradigm shift from the previous law that was in place several years ago and has diluted consumers' rights substantially.