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June 2015 Archives

Credit card debt to reach new high in 2015

In a consumer-oriented economy, credit cards are often the preferred payment method by most Americans. However, the problem with overusing a credit card lies in the fact that the debtors or consumers using the credit card can overdraw from their accounts even when they do not have sufficient funds in their bank accounts. Thus, a debtor can run the risk of incurring major debts that they may not be able to repay immediately.

How does bankruptcy impact encumbered assets?

A feeling of humiliation and fear of a poor credit rating often keep Americans, including those in Wisconsin, from filing for bankruptcy, even though most people end up far better off financially. Some of this resistance to filing for personal bankruptcy comes from a lack of information or ideas that turn out to be untrue. One of the most commonly misunderstood topics is encumbered assets.

How Wisconsin attorneys help during Chapter 7 filings

A Wisconsin Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding is often described as the liquidation process, where the assets of a business are heavily compromised to repay the debts. The attorneys at Helbing Law Office, L.L.C., with their many years of experience in bankruptcy, have observed that financial and legal problems arise in a bankruptcy proceeding. As a result, many debtors feel that they will lose their dignity if they are forced to file for bankruptcy. They fear that it will appear as though they have stopped trying, and they have been forced to give up. In most cases though, all other options have usually been exhausted before the debtor takes the drastic step of filing for bankruptcy.

Genuine agencies: Essential for student loan debt relief

Student loans are often regarded by many Wisconsin residents as one of the most difficult debts to repay. There are various factors that can contribute to a student loan becoming a bad debt. Many residents do not get a job right after graduating from college, especially in cases where their degrees are not in especially marketable subjects. In those cases, student loans become an added financial challenge, which often has the potential to force the debtor to declare bankruptcy.