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January 2016 Archives

Some retirement accounts are exempt from bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a very real way for Wisconsin residents to find debt relief. Depending on the type of bankruptcy chosen, debtors may be able to completely eliminate debts, either by liquefying their assets or by setting up and successfully completing a repayment plan. However, those considering bankruptcy may be concerned about which assets they may lose. This is a legitimate concern, as many wrongly believe that a bankruptcy will leave them penniless, with nothing left on which to survive.

Vehicle repossession and how to deal with it

Many Wisconsin residents find themselves facing overwhelming financial challenges at one time or another. The stress of the situation can be more than enough to deal with, but oftentimes these individuals also have to confront the reality that their possessions may be repossessed to satisfy debts owed. This often occurs when a debtor owns a vehicle and is unable to make the monthly payments. Yet, without that vehicle, an individual may be unable to make it to work, make money and pay down bills.

The Chapter 13 hardship discharge

Much of this blog is dedicated to discussing the advantages of bankruptcy. Those facing significant financial challenges may be able to find real debt relief by seeking Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the process is not always guaranteed. Even if a petition is granted, following through on it can prove tough, which can leave some Wisconsin residents even more concerned about their financial future.

We help Wisconsinites find debt relief

Last week we discussed some steps that you can take to help find financial freedom in the New Year. Though managing one's money better, saving and avoiding new debt can certainly help improve your financial health, in today's world those actions simply are not always a possibility. In some instances, individuals find themselves so buried in debt that they have lost all hope and have given up on finding the financial stability they need to get by.