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February 2016 Archives

How do I qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Previous posts here have discussed bankruptcy options and how particular bankruptcy routes may be beneficial to an individual or a business. Yet, sometimes the intricacies of bankruptcy can leave some Wisconsin residents forgetful of the big picture. For example, who, exactly, can file certain types of bankruptcy? This is a critical question, albeit preliminary, the answer of which could shape an individual's approach to finding debt relief.

Discharging tax debt via Chapter 7 bankruptcy

This time of year, many individuals find themselves looking forward to receiving their tax returns. Others, however, may wind up owing significant amounts of money on their taxes. This can be stressful for anyone, but it can be especially worrisome if you are already saddled with significant levels of debt. After all, at a time when you are trying to reclaim your financial stability, the last thing you want is to come out of the process with a large tax obligation.

Helping Wisconsin residents understand bankruptcy exemptions

Facing overwhelming financial challenges can be scary. You might wonder how you are going to care for your family, maintain your living arrangement and protect your most prized possessions. Although there are many debt relief options out there, perhaps none is as effective as bankruptcy. Some people may cringe at the sound of the word, but those who find themselves in debt may want to get comfortable with the term, as it could give them the fresh financial start they need, lifting a heavy burden off their shoulders.

Many Americans are overwhelmed with medical debt

The medical field has seen a lot of changes in the last decade. Technological advances and ground-breaking research has enabled medical professionals to more effectively treat some diseases, and the Affordable Care Act has expanded the reach of health insurance. Unfortunately, however, the struggles associated with medical debt are far from gone.