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March 2016 Archives

Helping to guide Wisconsin residents through Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Financial challenges can strike nearly anyone at any time. Last week, we discussed a former trucking executive who was left with overwhelming debt and the need to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many Wisconsin residents hear the word "bankruptcy" and cringe. The reasoning is understandable. Society has painted bankruptcy with a shadow, often portraying those who utilize the system as having failed to manage their money wisely. At our law firm, we know that this is not always the case, and we understand the myriad of financial hardships that can befall Wisconsin residents through no fault of their own.

Former trucking company CEO seeks Chapter 7

Running a successful business can be challenging. There are usually significant financial challenges, and the ever-evolving marketplace can make these obstacles even more daunting. Those businesses that wind up overwhelmed with debt may be able to find relief and protection via bankruptcy, but what about those who own and run such businesses? Could they, too, face serious money woes?

An overview of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and credit card debt

Although the economic recovery seems to have found its rhythm, many Americans, including those in Wisconsin, still struggle to make ends meet. When financial pressures mount, these individuals might look for options to stay afloat. Payday loans and credit cards are often used as a temporary measure, but far too often these sources of temporary relief become long-term economic pits. High interest rates and unfair lending practices can leave an individual struggling to maintain the debt. Oftentimes it is too difficult, and these debts balloon to proportions that make them impossible to pay back.