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June 2016 Archives

When are student loans eligible for bankruptcy? Two options

Taking time to pursue higher levels of education is supposed to set you up for future financial success. It is supposed to set you up for a better, higher paying job than your peers that choose not to go to college, law school, medical school or receive other post secondary training.

What if you are too poor to file for bankruptcy? Pt. 1

This seems to be an odd statement. Bankruptcy is designed to help those who have been overwhelmed by financial circumstances and allow them to receive an economic "fresh start." How could you be "too poor" to use a tool that is designed to help the financially distressed? Not surprisingly, bankruptcy is not free. There are filing fees with the court and many people hire an attorney to assist with the bankruptcy filings and that all costs money.

No joke: HBO show forgives $15 million in individuals' medical debts

People often believe that bankruptcy is used by frivolous individuals who have lived beyond their means, and now want an easy out. Sadly, the truth is that a large number of bankruptcies are due to various catastrophes hitting people and leaving them with no way out.