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August 2016 Archives

What should you do to get out of debt? Pt.1

If you have accumulated a significant amount of debt, you may lay awake at night trying to figure out how to pay off those debts and regain some degree of financial control. To eliminate your debts, the simple solution is to pay more than you spend, allowing you to shrink month-by-month the interest and principle that you owe.

Will a balance transfer save interest charges on your debts?

Like many financial questions, there are no easy answers to such a question. It could help, but if certain things don't happen or something goes wrong, it may not help at all and could actually lead to higher interest charges in the long run.

Use of car is not income in a Chapter 13 rules WI bankrutpcy ct

At least in one bankruptcy court of the Eastern District of Wisconsin. In a Chapter 13, a debtor who worked for a car dealer receives a vehicle as part of her compensation. It added $625 per month to her income. However, she also had a second, personal vehicle. She did not include it in her current monthly income as listed on her Chapter 13 filings.

Have you been auto-enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan?

If you have become eligible for Medicare, you may think that many of your worries and concerns over the cost of healthcare are over. You may trust that the program will cover most of your potential or actual medical costs. But you may want to check to see if you actually have the coverage you believe you have

Debt collection regulations: Changes may soon go into effect

Collection companies are allowed to contact consumers and request payment, but within reason. Regulations on what is and is not allowed were passed in 1977 under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law was passed with the intention that it would serve two purposes: