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September 2016 Archives

The rock and hard place of payday loans

Payday loans, which often come at exorbitant interest rates, are no one's idea of the best way in which to obtain a loan. They often appear to prey on the poor and the vulnerable. However, they exist because they fill a need, that of short-term low loan amount credit. This need exists for two reasons.

What does a reaffirmation agreement do during a bankruptcy? Pt.2

Last time, we were discussing a reaffirmation agreement in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This agreement allows you to keep a vehicle by "reaffirming" the terms of the loan. To be eligible for this agreement, you typically need to be current on your payments and capable of making the remainder of the outstanding payments of the loan.

When for-profit schools close: what happens to student loans?

ITT Tech is the most recent example of the many for-profit schools that are closing for good. These educational institutions often leave their students hanging with incomplete degrees and substantial student loan debt. If you or your child has been affected by a for-profit school closing, you may be wondering what to do about your school loans. Are you still on the hook for the debt?

What does a reaffirmation agreement do during a bankruptcy? Pt.1

One of the more complex aspects of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the matter of your vehicle and whether you should reaffirm that loan obligation. It is likely if you live in the Appleton region, you need a vehicle to get to and from work. The question is, do you need this particular vehicle? The answer, of course, depends on the facts of your personal situation.

What if you need a new car during a bankruptcy?

Most people in Wisconsin need a vehicle in order to maintain a job. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, people will often have a vehicle that they are paying through their Chapter 13 plan. But because many Chapter 13s have a duration of five years, there are also many individuals who will have a car that needs to be replaced due to age or mechanical issues during the life of their plan.

If I file a bankruptcy, can I still get a home loan?

One of the ways that creditors try to scare people away from filing a bankruptcy is by claiming it will "destroy their credit." Admittedly, filing a bankruptcy will not improve your credit rating or FICO number. Of course, you are not filing a bankruptcy in an attempt to improve your credit; you file to eliminate overwhelming debts or restructure your debts to a manageable amount.

What should you do to get out of debt? Pt.2

When attempting to get out from under overwhelming debt, other options include credit counseling companies or debt settlement companies. If you take either of these steps, you need to educate yourself and learn exactly what each company promises. You want that information in writing before you agree to anything or send any money.