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October 2016 Archives

Have you been sued on an old debt?

You may have accumulated some old credit card debts at one time and the credit card company may have attempted to collect. Maybe you were just out of school, trying to find work or were between jobs and you had little or no income. The company may have eventually given up its efforts and stopped contacting you about the debt.

What's in a name?

When you decide to buy something, you may decide to use a credit card or obtain a loan. But there is another option. It is known as "rent to own," and it looks a lot like an installment loan or a revolving credit agreement. You make regular monthly payments for the item, and if you complete the full term of the agreement, you then own the item.

Would debt consolidation really work?

Easy credit. We have all seen and heard the phrase. For most people, it is easy to obtain numerous credit cards. And each one comes with an incentive to spend. Some people can soon find themselves deep in debt and in deep trouble with those credit cards. It can be due to not keeping your eye on your finances, and as your income increases, you may increase your spending, believing that you can spend more because "you can afford it."