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February 2017 Archives

Report says problem gamblers average $38,000 in debt

It's true that many people gamble a little bit -- buying a lottery ticket when the payout hits a historic high, for instance, or going to the casino at a vacation resort -- and don't run into serious issues. However, for those considered "problem gamblers," a new report claims they average $38,000 in debt.

You can file for bankruptcy, even with a job and a good income

There is sometimes a stereotype about bankruptcy, in which people believe they have to be in absolutely dire straights to file. They need to be unemployed, swamped in debt, facing foreclosure, and with no other way out.

Young professionals and medical debt: Negotiate a better deal

As a young professional, you have a lot on your plate in regards to your finances. Not only are you in the process of getting your career off the ground, but you may be faced with mounting debt. For example, student loans have a way of biting into your monthly income. The same holds true for other expenses, such as rent and car payments.