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February 2018 Archives

Bankruptices decreasing in Wisconsin

Most of us can remember the poor economy at the end of the last decade. According to U.S. Bankruptcy Court records, bankruptcies peaked at nearly 30,000 filings in 2010. However, it appears that the economy might be on the upswing after all. Since 2010, the number of filings has been steadily decreasing.

Bank levies and wage garnishments can cripple your finances

You're struggling to pay off your debts, and you haven't contacted your creditor to make arrangements to do so. Tthen after while, your creditor decides that they will file a lawsuit against you to have a judgment issued in your case. Once this happens, your creditor's attorneys can file a turnover order which will allow them to either garnish your wages or the funds in your bank account.

How to get out of debt

If you are suffering from debt overload, you know what it is like to have creditors calling all hours of the day and night. How many times can you tell them you don't have the money, and then sit and listen to a lecture on how serious the situation is? Creditors are trained to be aggressive and somehow convince you into coming up with the money or pledging a promise to pay. Seldom do they take your personal situation into account.