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Do Not Be Overwhelmed By Your Debts

Consider how Chapter 7 bankruptcy will impact your life

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Firm News |

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a big decision that can impact you for years in the future. You have to think about the entire situation before you make your decision. This is often a necessary step that is brought on by things you can’t control. It is hard for some people to accept, but it can be the fresh start that truly helps you to turn your life around.

We realize that you have some questions about this type of bankruptcy. One of the most important things to know is that you don’t have to make payments to the bankruptcy trustee. Since you won’t have to make payments, your assets classified as non-exempt will need to be liquidated. We can help you to find out what is exempt, which means you will be able to keep it.

There are several other things that you have to think about when it comes to this type of filing. One of these is that the case will remain on your credit report for seven years. Once the case is done, you will be able to work on rebuilding your credit. The process won’t be easy but you may find that the relief is worth it.

The decision to file bankruptcy is one that is personal. Make sure that you make your choice as early as possible. You don’t need to draw things out and suffer from the stress that comes with being so far in debt that you don’t feel you have any way out. We can help you from the start of your case through the end.