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January 2019 Archives

Use bankruptcy as a turning point in your financial attitude

Your bankruptcy process is one that isn't going to be over in just a few days. If you file a Chapter 7, you will likely have a discharge faster than someone who files a Chapter 13. This is because the people who file the latter option will have to make payments to the bankruptcy court before the case is discharged.

Understand what happens when you go through bankruptcy

When your credit card and other bills become so overwhelming that you are having to figure out what to pay and what to let lapse, it might be time to consider your options for reducing the debt loan. You mustn't fall for scams and shams when you are in this position. Instead, you need to look into the legal ways to handle your debts. Bankruptcy might be the answer to your problem.

Make a plan for handling Christmas credit card debt

Christmas debt is something that many Americans will accumulate at the end of the year. While there isn't really anything wrong with this, there is sometimes a problem in January when the credit card bills start coming in. This might bring up the question of how to handle that debt so that you can get the cards paid off quickly.

Reclaim your financial stability through bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy isn't something that most people want to do during their adult life. When you are in debt so deep that you can't find a way to pay at all, you might need to consider bankruptcy. The type of case you file determines what you will have to do.