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Why might bankruptcy be denied?

When you apply for bankruptcy, it's important to understand that it can be rejected. This shouldn't worry you or make you reconsider. It's just crucial to know that it's possible so that you take the time to do everything in your power to make sure yours is accepted.

Report says problem gamblers average $38,000 in debt

It's true that many people gamble a little bit -- buying a lottery ticket when the payout hits a historic high, for instance, or going to the casino at a vacation resort -- and don't run into serious issues. However, for those considered "problem gamblers," a new report claims they average $38,000 in debt.

Can you file for bankruptcy if you did last year?

Perhaps you filed for bankruptcy last year, pulling yourself out of debt and getting a clean slate. Despite your best efforts, you're already looking at mounting debt again, and you're wondering if you can use bankruptcy yet again to get out from under it.

Bankruptcy filings at lowest level in nearly a decade

Bankruptcy filings are often used as a gauge to measure some aspects of the American economy. As filings increase, it is assumed to be a symptom of individuals encountering hard times as they lose hours or jobs and they no longer have the income to pay their bills. When bankruptcy filings fall, it is presumed to be a sign that the economy is improving and that people are having an easier time finding work and experiencing wage growth.