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Supreme Court considering whether debt buyers must follow FDCPA

In 2012, a group of debtors filed a class action lawsuit against a Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc., a Dallas-based debt buyer specializing in auto loans. Santander had bought the debtors' loans from other holders and was attempting to collect them. The debtors claim Santander was violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by bypassing some debtors' attorneys and by misrepresenting how much some debtors owed.

Debt collection regulations: Changes may soon go into effect

Collection companies are allowed to contact consumers and request payment, but within reason. Regulations on what is and is not allowed were passed in 1977 under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law was passed with the intention that it would serve two purposes:

Minnesota consumers can stop creditor harassment

Most people feel bad when they cannot pay their bills. The situation is already stressful. Adding to that stress, are the harassing phone calls from debt collectors that seem to have no mercy. However, there are many ways to stop creditor harassment. One man is fighting back through a legal action, but Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also an option for many.