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What are Chapter 13 discharge and Chapter 13 hardship discharge?

After an Appleton, Wisconsin, resident files for bankruptcy under Chapter 13, that person may obtain a discharge for the bankruptcy court before moving ahead with a clean slate. Therefore, understanding how the Chapter 13 discharge process works is very important. According to federal bankruptcy law, a Chapter 13 discharge can be either a normal discharge or may be due to hardships faced by the debtor. In both cases, a debtor is relieved of debt by the court, enabling that debtor to make a fresh financial start.

Chapter 7 discharge can help Wisconsin residents eliminate debt

Residents of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, like to be self-sufficient and work hard to secure a strong financial future for their family. However, certain unforeseen circumstances and financial challenges can land a person in overwhelming debt and he or she may find it difficult to eliminate it.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy explained for Wisconsin residents

Even the closest of friends may find it difficult to discuss indebtedness and financial health, no matter how close a friendship is. The social stigma associated with financial insecurity makes it difficult for those struggling with debt to seek personal advice, which usually precedes approaching professionals for guidance in tackling debt. As residents of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, may know, taking a big step toward debt-free living, such as filing for bankruptcy, requires credit counseling prior to filing a bankruptcy petition.

What must Wisconsin residents know about Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Day-to-day management of finances may not be everyone's cup of tea. Keeping track of expenses and cash inflow, payments, receipts and budgets can be confusing, as any Outagamie County, Wisconsin, resident may know. Dealing with high levels of debt and considering whether to file for bankruptcy can be highly daunting challenges which unfortunately need to dealt with, especially if no other options exist.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy misconceptions hinder a fresh start

Many people in Appleton, Wisconsin, and throughout the United States characterize filing for bankruptcy as "embarrassing." However, if a fresh financial start is needed, the right debt relief solution may be bankruptcy, once all the facts are known.

Former Nickelodeon actor files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Residents of Appleton, Wisconsin, buried under a pile of debt know how difficult it is to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right solution for digging out. Without foreseeing the risks of acquiring too much debt, a person may be left without any choice but to become insolvent. Although it denotes a negative connotation, filing for bankruptcy is not a bad decision for a person struggling with debt.

The dangers of payday loans to Wisconsin residents

Due to health care costs, job loss and rough economic conditions, struggling with debt seems common nowadays. However, those three factors are not the only reasons why many people, including those in Appleton, Wisconsin, are facing financial challenges. Some debtors accumulate overwhelming debts due to payday loans.

What Wisconsin residents can learn from a city's bankruptcy

More often than not, Appleton and Outagamie, Wisconsin, residents think of a bankruptcy filing as the "kiss of death." The last moment before the end occurs. This could be what people are thinking since Detroit finally filed for bankruptcy. However, residents in debt can learn a valuable lesson from the struggling city. They will also, hopefully, acquire a fresh financial start as they learn more about the advantages of bankruptcy.

Appleton residents can reduce technology and reduce debt

It can be said that this is the era of technology, and there are many benefits of living in this era. However, there are many costs associated with that benefit. Appleton residents can reduce debt by cutting down on their technology services and other expenses, but, if all else fails, bankruptcy is an option to eliminate debt.