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Chapter 7 discharge can help Wisconsin residents eliminate debt

Residents of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, like to be self-sufficient and work hard to secure a strong financial future for their family. However, certain unforeseen circumstances and financial challenges can land a person in overwhelming debt and he or she may find it difficult to eliminate it.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy misconceptions hinder a fresh start

Many people in Appleton, Wisconsin, and throughout the United States characterize filing for bankruptcy as "embarrassing." However, if a fresh financial start is needed, the right debt relief solution may be bankruptcy, once all the facts are known.

The dangers of payday loans to Wisconsin residents

Due to health care costs, job loss and rough economic conditions, struggling with debt seems common nowadays. However, those three factors are not the only reasons why many people, including those in Appleton, Wisconsin, are facing financial challenges. Some debtors accumulate overwhelming debts due to payday loans.

Wisconsin consumers caught up in illegal debt settlement scheme

When a company proposes to help consumers get out of debt, it is believed that company has a heart for helping the people. However, one particular company had a heart for helping itself and has allegedly taken advantage of many Wisconsin residents struggling with overwhelming debt. There is little doubt that some Appleton consumers were also victims.