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Helping Wisconsin consumers select the best debt relief option

Wisconsin residents facing too much debt often find it difficult to choose the best option in their particular situation. Filing for bankruptcy may be a last resort for many families as well as businesses. The attorneys at Helbing Law Office, LLC, have worked on many cases where the debtor chose debt negotiation with the credit agency over filing for bankruptcy.

How trustees operate in Wisconsin's bankruptcy alternative

A long time ago Wisconsin legislators wanted to offer those in need a way out of debt through a recourse other than bankruptcy. Chapter 128, a little known provision, offers much of the same protection as a bankruptcy proceeding, but does not carry the same stigma. The process includes the appointment of a trustee who oversees the disposal of assets and the discharge of debts.

What should a debtor do after filing for bankruptcy?

Residents of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, will agree that debt can impact a person and his or her family emotionally, socially and professionally. If debt is not handled properly and timely, a person can face severe economic roadblocks securing credit in the future.

How should a consumer select a debt relief service?

People faced with mountains of debt often struggle with making monthly payments on time. Wisconsin residents who are in debt often approach creditors to work on repayment plans, but often creditors will not change payment terms. In such situations, many people prefer contacting a credit counseling or debt settlement service. While this can be a good option to eliminate debt, the person should know as much as possible about the debt relief service providers before working with them.

Finding the debt relief option that works for you

There may be many different reasons why Wisconsin residents find themselves in trouble financially. A person may have had to deal with an illness, unemployment, cuts in pay or has just been unaware of overspending. However, once these debts are acknowledged, the situation can seem overwhelming, causing a debtor to struggle with repayment and solvency.

Debt relief for education debt

Many Wisconsin students finance their education by taking student loans, either backed by the federal government or private banks. No guarantee exists that after completing their education, these students would secure high-income jobs in their chosen fields of study. If a student is unable to repay loans after graduation, filing for bankruptcy is not an option to relieve student loan debt.

How can student debt default be prevented?

Many students in Wisconsin, and the rest of the nation, finance their educations with a student loan. However, after graduating into the workforce, many are left without a job, or a job that pays less than they had expected. Because of this and other reasons, student loan defaulters have now become a serious cause of concern for the United States of America.

Let's make a deal: Trying debt negotiation before bankruptcy

One of the most frustrating parts of being in debt is the harassment you might be subjected to from debt-collection agencies. There are laws governing how and when creditors can contact you as well as how they can and cannot seek to collect debts. That being said, many collection agencies call incessantly and may even engage in unethical or illegal collection practices.

Debt relief options for Wisconsin business owners

Owning a business can be very risky, especially at a juncture where the economy is still recovering. A business can easily succumb to several factors, leaving an owner struggling to pay off debts. However, if everything goes south, it is important for Wisconsin business owners to understand their options when it comes to debt relief.

Are student loan debt relief firms in Appleton a rip off?

With student loans rising and interest rates going through the roof, many debtors are looking for help but not all help is created equal as some can be more of a detriment than a benefit. Appleton residents should carefully scrutinize all student loan debt relief firms to ensure they are offering legitimate services that are worth the money.