We Are Here For You In Appleton 920-659-5606

We Are Here For You In Appleton 920-659-5606

Due to precautions related to COVID-19, we have expanded our options for remote consultations. Please contact our office to discuss whether a full phone consultation or video conference is appropriate for your situation.

Do Not Be Overwhelmed By Your Debts

Stop Repossession

For most of our clients, a car is not a luxury; it is a necessity of life. Without their cars, many of our clients cannot get to their jobs. This inability often makes an already intolerable financial situation only worse. Further, whatever money they have invested in their cars also seems lost.

It does not have to be this way. Consult with us at Helbing Law Office, LLC, today to determine if we can help you stop the repossession of your car.

Bankruptcy Stop Repossession In Appleton And The Surrounding Wisconsin Areas

We often help clients understand how bankruptcy can help them not only stop the repossession but also catch up on any delinquent payments that put them in this situation in the first place.

In fact, in some cases, even if your car has been repossessed, we may still be able to use bankruptcy to help you get that car back and keep it. This option, however, is extremely time-sensitive, so we recommend you contact us as soon as possible if your car has already been repossessed.

Helbing Law Office, LLC, can offer these services because our attorney, Timothy J. Helbing, holds more than a decade of experience. This experience enables him to move fast on behalf of our clients to protect the cars they need when time-sensitive filing deadlines threaten their rights.

Calumet County Asset Protection Lawyer

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We are debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.